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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am the Tea Party Leader!

Just last week, exposed that President Bill Clinton and James Carville are plotting to attack some of the leaders within the tea party movement. Well, that is going to be difficult to do, considering we are all leaders within this movement.

This planned attack is direct evidence the success of the tea party movement. If we were not having an impact, we wouldn't even be on their radar. Good job Patriots! Keep up the good work. The time is now and we must now back down!

From our friends at the Waco Tea Party! Gotta love those Texans!


  1. I'm interested in participating in this movement. Please provide a website or e-mail address for getting information on membership.


  2. The original American Tea Party was the Boston Tea Party which objected to the taxation of the King, " No Taxation, Without Representation " was their motto! But, When the Whiskey Rebellion tried to copy their slogan when George Washington was President, he said " This tax came from Virginia, from Representatives of the Union ! " " It is the Law of the Land "
    He promptly gathered a Militia of 1200 men, marched to Pennsyvania and put down with force the Whiskey Rebellion. George Washington was the biggest distiller of whiskey in America when he did this.
    So Beck, Pallin, Hannity and all T-Baggers…. you are rebuked by the number one patriot of America…..George Washington….the real hero of the real Revolutionary War.
    So you are not Patriots, you do not stand for Democracy ! You are Pony Boys and Girls scared by the lobbyists, scared by Fox News their Propaganda fake news outlet and siding with Anti American, Racist, fear mongering Scum. Stop demeaning yourselves! Stop embarrassing and threatening our Democracy.
    Ask yourselves ….. What did Washington do for our Country? Then ask What has Glenn Beck, Pallin , Limpballs or Hannity ever done for America……NOTHING. Beck make 30 million a yr keeping you the sheerly in a frenzy running in circles against their own interests. Don't think, Don't Debate …..Just listen to me and act on it !
    He does not tell you what he would cut. He does not tell you what he would have done to get you out of the your recession (not his, he's cleaning up on your hard times), or to stop it from sliding into a Great Depression !! Not a word. And what Palin has said is dead wrong, refuted by every economics expert in the World and Ronal Regan and Richard Nixon ….they are provably wrong….period ! All the other Countries did Stimulus spending to get out of this recession….as we have done for the last 7 recessions!
    Pathetic, Anti-American, Anti-Jesus, lying morons….who could never defend their positions in a debate…thats why the never do!