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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome Back Rally Friday, January 15th

“Georgia Tea Parties! Up and To Your Posts!”

We are rolling into Atlanta this Friday, and we need every Tea Party trooper that possibly can, to meet us at the Capital!!! We need your numbers, my fellow patriots, to come out loudly, and make a small sacrifice of time.

Friday, January 15th at 1:00 p.m.

That’s it for the


We need your numbers and voices to let those in the Capital know we are back, and back in force, and just as committed, and just as angry, and just as motivated as last year!!! This is our first opportunity of the year to let our opponents and supporters know that we are back.

Please, regardless of your Tea Party Group, take a little time and join your fellow patriots downtown for this rally.

You are our cause, we need every soldier taking their place on the line!

“Up the Revolution!”

For more information, please contact Dawn Forbes (912.399.5928) or Elizabeth Mancha (912.596.5267).


  1. Dear Atlanta Tea Party
    Can we also protest in front of atlanta City Hall?

    Atlanta is just as if not mor eout of touch with reality as the DC group
    We have high crime, high taxes, horrible services and clueless leaders
    We need to hire about 1000 police officers yesterday..
    So far, Reed is just complaining and walkign around DC holding the arm of others complaining
    We need action

  2. Great to see the group grew, but it seems they are still voting to waste more money at the Ga capital
    too much money is spent in this state on illegals and that is also a problem in the whole country, look at Calif and now Sonny said we are almost 2 bil in the red, please wake up people and demand ice do their job, the mayor, the police, homeland secuirty, just who protect sus from the crime th eillegals bring and their healthcare issues, ttheir going to our schools illegally? why does city of atlanta print everyhting in 2 languages, why do I have to pay for that and you?
    Wake up people, don't pay for the schools to waste our money on illegals

  3. As a citizen of this great country, I respect the wishes of those who protest and don't want to be overburdened by taxes. At the same time, I am concerned as well as saddened at the attitudes of those in the 'tea party movement'. I seriously question the heart motive of many as well. The issue of taxes has gone on in this country since the days of the revolutionary period . Why such a great outrage now? What alternatives do you or other like minded people have for the many problems which face the United States at this time? Does it concern you that our American Children fall increasingly behind their counterparts in India, China and South Korea in Math, Science and overall preparation for a shrinking world? what are your alternatives to health care? where is the anger when it comes to hard working americans finding out that their savings and investments have been stolen by banks and greedy brokers from our very shores

    I fear that eventually your movement will be high jacked. And it will be hijacked by the myopic, the bigoted and the racist. Those who long for 'the good old days' will do all they can to take over your movement and make it ugly and embarrasing both here and abroad.

    I do not agree with everything Barack Obama says or does. I pray for him daily. But much of this tea party movement is born out of pure hate disguised as religion and patriotism. At dinner tables, instead of asking for God's help for our president in prayer are words of anger and racial slurs directed at him.

    You and others don't get what is happening. So many young people have taken on a new dream when they heard that Barack Obama became president. Many who thought of victimization and limited living were acceptable ways of life now see that they have no excuses, and that they can attain to whatever heights that God and this nation affords. Young men in inner cities have decided to buckle down in their school work. Children have decided to pull their pants up and get ready to be positive instruments of Change for our nation as well as worldwide. throughout the world, people groups who were deemed second class got new life because mr. Obama dared to dream and went on to accomplish what he sought after.

    To my friends in the tax party movement. please reconsider the jealously, the anger, and the racism that so many of you have held onto for so long. Please Ask the almighty God to help president Obama make the right choices and that America will be more strengthened after his term(s) end than it was before.

    You seem to be against so much..but what are you for? A better nation, or 'the good old days'?

  4. Dear Southern Belle, from an old Southern Gent in Virginia. The Tea Party won the day in Massachusetts; now we need your help in the Old Dominion. We need to take back a traditionally conservative House seat from a freshman socialist Democrat. Michael McPadden is the man to take Tea Party philosophy to Washington. We need your help to get the word out across the country. It was citizens nationwide who helped Scott Brown to victory. We can do it again. Please take a look at this video called We The People.

  5. Hi S. Belle, There are many concerned people in Atlanta that would be willing to attend the Tea Parties. I will post signs in Cumming and Suwanee about the 1-15-10 event at the GA Capitol. Is there a better way of advertising these events other than in these blogs or other web sites? I was disappointed last year July, hearing about the last tea party in the news the day after. Thanks...James