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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Watch For Breaking News on Tea Party Cancellation

On Demand audio of Blog Talk radio show Let's Rumble with the Rabbi show this afternoon. An attorney familar with the private property agreement/covenants regarding the private property. This took place in segment two with Attorney Michael Sullivan. The covenent/agreement expired in 2004...

Julianne Thompson will be on the Glenn Beck show on Fox News at 5:40pm today to talk about the cancellation. Look for "breaking news" from her regarding the protest.

Debbie Dooley and Julianne will be guest on a Blog Talk Radio special show dedicated to the Tea Party cancellation. EDITION: "Whose Private Property Prevails in a Patriots Rally?" The ATLANTA TEA PARTY PATRIOTS Rally for the 4th of July, America's 231st Celebration of the Declaration of Independence, was cancelled. Why? A private commercial property owner, SIMON PROPERTY GROUP, "bullied" an adjoining private property owner, George Thorndyke (Gwinnett Place Mall / Old Macy's Building & Parking Lot) to withdraw the March, 2009 "OK" to hold the T.E.A. Party Rally on his private property. Simon Property Group spokesman acknowledges that Mr. Thorndyke's property is not their property; however the 'reciporical easement agreement clause,' SIMON spokesman asserts, allows them to determine how & what events can be held on someon else's private property that adjoins theirs. None from the main media "covered" this private property power-play outrage. The Gwinnet Daily Post (Camie Young) and Atlanta Journal Constitution ('Political Insider' blog by Jim Galloway) gave mention. "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi" hosted by Rabbi Eukel will produce a SPECIAL EDITION Thursday, June 25 at 4PM CST (5PM EST). Guests are being confirmed now (Wed June 24). Email Rabbi Eukel at EUKEL @ EUKEL .us (remove the spaces, anti-spam technique) to request & confirm your "appearance" on this SPECIAL EDITION of "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi," hosted by Rabbi Eukel. We have contacted Les Morris, Manager of Corporate Public Relations for Simon Property Group, and many of the co-organizers of the ATLANTA TEA PARTY PATRIOTS rally. Lawyers and journalists have been invited. "Let's Rumble with Rabbi" my American Patriots. Confmed Guests at this hour: Debbie Dooley, Julianne Thompson, John Putnam, Andrea Plunkett, Cris Kurtz, Gina Loudon, Jim Galloway and host Rabbi DF Eukel. Others who may yet confirm are being worked to confirm before we go live.


  1. I watched the organizer of the July 4th Atlanta Tea Party on Glenn Beck today, and my suggestion to members of the Tea Party group would be to boycott any and all businesses in their area that are owned by the Simon group, and let them know you are going to boycott them! It's time we stand up to these liberal progressives who think they have all the power!
    Also, good luck to the Atlanta Tea Partiers-I hope they get a great turn-out on the 4th!! Let Freedom Ring!!!

  2. What is wrong with you guy's? Your going to let someone to intimidate you into cancelling your tea party? You have the right to protest under the First Amendment as long as it is on public property. No one can stop you! Adapt to your situation and surround the damn mall with protestors on the sidewalks. Do not give in, if you do it will only allow them to continue to intimidate you and others. You have done nothing more than play into their hands. Stand up for your rights, be courages and stand up for Americs.

  3. Someone should post the Glenn Beck clip.

  4. I've informed the Simon Group that as a life-long Atlanta resident I'll not shop in another one of their malls such as Gwinnett Place, Town Center, Lenox, Phipps Plaza, Mall of Georgia, or Northlake. I say if they don't want us in their parking lot, they don't want us in their malls either. We'll be at the Cobb County event on July the 3rd for sure.


  6. Gwinnett Tea Party participants and Patriots:

    This overt action to suppress the most powerful grassroots campaign essential to the Liberty of all Americans cannot be allowed to succeed. Now is the time to rally against all opposition with vehement energy, now is the time to sacrifice and fight harder than any of us want to. We must begin to climb the mountain to come face to face with those who would enslave us and spit in the eye of those in power who have violated our trust and abused the power we have wrongfully and unfortunately given them. Trust none who speak against our motives for they are the enemy. Listen to none who say we are wrong because they are the ignorant. Sacrifice the comfortable frivolities of life and stay focused through the storm of diversions or we will never again have the opportunity to enjoy them. Please, Please, Please do not let this deflate your enthusiasm or dissuade you from gathering with your neighbors and fellow Americans to let the Alligators in Washington know that we will soon drain the swamp, if not today, very soon. We will find Representatives who will once again represent the voice of the people, we will find a way through the ingenuity of the free market and the hard working CITIZENS of this Great Country to fix the wrongs that have been done and to prosecute every one of the Self Righteous, Arrogant Elitists that think they are untouchable. The Battle cry of the Republic must be heard in every town, city and State. If we are not allowed in the streets then we must yell from the rooftops. we must talk the talk and walk the walk. If a peaceful gathering of American Citizens can be deterred by one Man's politically motivated actions than this is not worth fighting for and if that group will come up against Law enforcement who orders them to disband then they must become unmovable or this movement is unsustainable. If the Iranians are the example we must follow for Patriotism then so be it, the world saw their courage, but do they see ours? Now is the time, anywhere is the place, like minded Patriots must unite if this country is to survive. I would be there myself if I could but our thoughts and prayers will be there with you as we fight for our FREEDOM in the Great State of Nevada.

    Keep your bibles close and your guns and loved ones closer.

    Sean Harron
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  7. Take some responsibility here. I am tired of hearing all the complaints about Simon Properties. Whoever donated the use of the old Macy's building should have known about the access agreements with the Mall. These are very common. Despite Mr. Simon's politics, he would be crazy to want all these people blocking access to his mall. And come on ladies, if you are having a party, know your neighbors. It isn't like no one will notice 10,000 or 15,000 people gathered together. You should have checked out everything around there and anticipated who might not be happy about your "protest." Lastly, so what if he canceled the tea party, it is his right. And if he doesn't agree with your message, why wouldn't he cancel it!

  8. To Anonymous who said: "I am tired of hearing all the complaints about Simon Properties."

    How many complaints have you heard? What position are you in to have heard so many complaints?

    I don't speak for the organizers of this event, but here are some points you may want to consider:

    1. Simon Property Group DOES NOT own the property on which the Tea Party was to have been held. The old Macy's parking lot is in front of an entrance that has long been sealed off. No one's access would have been blocked.

    2. George Thorndyke, the owner of the property in question, had agreed to allow the Atlanta Tea Party to use his property free of charge and had gone an extra step in sponsoring fireworks.

    3. Although the event was to have occurred on private property not owned by Simon Property Group, the mall was able to assert authority on the matter by using heavy-handed tactics and legal jujitsu (e.g., reciprocal property easement agreements...many of which have apparently expired).

    Atlanta-area Tea Party Patriots are not happy with the 11th hour interference, but unlike Congress, they understand the concept of contracts and the rule of law.

    Sure, it's Mr. Simon's right to do with his property as he wishes, but as his potential customers, it is our right to stop supporting his politics with our purchases. If we don't agree with his political views why wouldn't we!

    I'm sure I needn't remind you that rights are a two-way street. They aren't exclusively for the rich and powerful.

  9. Shalom ~ Ten Special Guests had a lively full-throated discussion for 90-minutes. The topic: "Whose Private Property Rights Prevail for Peaceful Assembly of Atlanta T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) 4th of July Celebration?" The 90-minute discussion among Atlanta T.E.A. Party Patriots (3- Julianne Thompson, Debbie Dooley and Amy Kremer), attorneys(3- Michael "Sully" Sullivan, Michael DePrimo and Keven Elmer), American Patriots and Organizers [Oklahoma (1-Cris Kurtz), Missouri(3-John Putnam, Gina Loudon and Andrea Plunkett)and a rabbi was the production of Rabbi DF Eukel host of "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi," on Thursday June 25, 2009 from 4-5:30PM CST (5-6:30PM EST) The only publicly released three sentence statement from the Simon Property Group was made available live only on the "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi" broadcast. Mr. George Thorndyke, the private property owner of the Old Macy's Building and parking lot that ajoins the Simon Property Group property known as Gwinnett Place Mall was not available. We were told he is either out of the country or out of town on vacation which commenced the day following the June 19, 2009 meeting. The June 19 meeting in which the "bluff & bully" tactic was attended by Joe Piccolo, General Manager of Simon Property Group-Gwinnet Place Mall; the Mall Manager Derick Brown, and assistant to Mr Brown; Mr George Thorndyke, property owner of Old Macy's Building and parking lot; and Mrs. Julianne Thompson, a co-organizer of the Atlanta T.E.A. Party Patriots 4th of July Celebration. Rabbi Eukel, host of "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi," provided to all ten Special Guests, in advance by email, a three-page "backgrounder". The background papers included the public three-sentence statement by Simon Property Group, the fact that Julianne Thompson a special Guest on "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi" would also be a guest on the GLEN BECK television show from 4:40-4:45PM CST (5:40-5:45PM EST). Julianne was able to make both appearances: 4 minutes with Glen Beck with a national television audience and approximately 75 minutes with a world-wide Internet listening audience with Rabbi Eukel, host of "Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi." Should you have any questions about who broke this story nationally on Wednesday morning (Eric Odom's Tea Party email blast was the catalyst for Rabbi Eukel) please email Rabbi Eukel at Others knew of the "story" earlier, but none took it nationally. Martha Zoller of the Martha Zoller Show in Atlanta carried the story on her show and blog Thursday morning June 25, as a result of Rabbi Eukel's early morning direct call to Mrs. Zoller. Rabbi Eukel posted 417.466.3373