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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Please attend the one nearest you. It is important for all to be well attended. We listed the ones one hour or less from the metro area. There are others in other areas of Georgia as well. Check out the link below.


COBB COUNTY More of an educational event No protest signs allowed

LOGANVILLE/WALTON COUNTY Loganville, GeorgiaSaturday, July 4, 2009 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM or until the fireworks are over The Loganville American LegionAmerican Legion Loganville Post 233 - 4632 Atlanta Hwy., Loganville, GARSVP Count 0 -->Patrick Acree (organizer) 404)317-8131 / 770)466-3683 (organizer phone)

ROME - Rome GARome, GeorgiaSaturday, July 4, 200910:30am - 12:30pmOpis Waterfront Grill112 West 2nd AveRSVP Count 0 -->Layla Shipman (organizer) 706-235-0914 (organizer phone)

GRIFFIN - Spalding County Tea PartyGriffin, GeorgiaSaturday, July 4, 200911 Am until 1 PMSpalding County Courthouse Griffin, Ga119 E. Solomon StRSVP Count 0 -->Kathy Harper (organizer) 770-843-3399 (organizer phone)

ATLANTA - Georgia Freedom Keepers Rally & Tea Party Date: July 4th, 2009 Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm Location: Georgia State Capitol - Washington St. Please rally to support the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Personal Liberties, Sound Money, a Free Market System Economy, and state sovereignty. Help US Speak OUT Against: Unconstituonal & Unfair Taxation; The International Banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System; Large, Out of Control Government; Bailouts of Banks & Corporations; Monumental Deficits; Elected Officials who support Socialistic Government and forced re-distribution of wealth; Lack of strong Immigaration Policy; Nationalization of Banks, Corporations, Health Care, and more. Have your voices heard , share your concerns, and support OUR Constitutional Government, liberties, and our fight against BIG COVERNMENT. Bring your protest signs, voices, hearts, and friends to help US take our nation back !!

contact: Dr. Bob Frady 706 968 9150

Eastman Tea Party - EVENT: Independence Day Tea Party
TIME: 6:30 PM until approximately 8:30 PM
DATE: July 4th, 2009
LOCATION: 6301 Oak St (ChasMar parking lot), Eastman, GA
Rev. Tim Hicks, Solid Rock Church of God, Eastman, GA
Sgt. Major Johnny Black, Community Leader, Eastman, GA
Jim Duffie, Fair Tax, Atlanta, GA
Jeff Scott, WNNG The Patriot, Warner Robins, GA
MC: Rev. Matt Rutland
LIVE MUSIC: Clay Layfield and Roger Craven
Ken Carroll (Communications) (478) 278-7531,
Wayne Soud (Chief Organizer) (478) 374-1509,

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  1. From American Thinker:
    With as many as 20,000 people in attendance, the Atlanta Tea Party on April 15 was one of the largest and most successful Tea Parties in the country. The Atlanta Tea Party on July 4, 2009 had been expected to be just as large. Unfortunately....
    Read the rest here: