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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Atlanta Tea Party Cancellation Draws National Attention Again

I have also included a link to issues a Tea Party in Ohio is having from people trying to shut it down. It is interesting to see the reaction nationally from the Atlanta Tea Party cancellation.

Obama supporters shut down Atlanta tea party

Brookville Tea Party draws controversy

Simon Properties Illegally Shut Down Atlanta Tea Party


  1. I saw the clip with you on Glenn Beck, kind of wish he had more time,heck wish his show was two hours instead of one.

    I have,besides myself,have seen this go around on the blogoshpere which is having attention drawn to it.

    For this was an act of pure thuggery in my opinion,but does show how effective we have become to draw such attetion from those who wish to stop us.

  2. Did you all check to see if the Protest could be moved to Atlanta Motor Speedway?