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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MARTA, Parking, & Transportation

Because we are expecting a very large number of people at the event, the Capitol Police are closing off several roads surrounding the Capitol to give the crowds room to gather and join in the protest. While the closing of those roads helps the event, it does create some challenges for people coming to the event by car.

Our first recommendation is that you park at one of the outer lying MARTA ( train stations and ride the train to the 5 Points Station in Atlanta. On foot, the 5 Points Station is a 4 minute walk (0.2 miles) to the Georgia State Capitol which is where the event will occur at 7 PM on April 15th. The map below shows walking directions. Point A is the 5 Points MARTA station and point B is the Georgia State Capitol.

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If you prefer to drive, there are several parking decks near the Capitol and throughout downtown Atlanta. Some take credit cards, but many require cash. You'll probably need at least $20 to park for the event.

Underground Atlanta is a large retail center near the Capitol. It is directly beside the 5 Points Marta station which is shown in the map above. Underground Atlanta has ample parking and is only a 4 minute walk from the Capitol.

Some of the Counties and Cities surrounding metro Atlanta are arranging carpools and/or buses to help large groups of people get to the Atlanta Tea Party. For a list of the County Coordinators, their contact information, and details about their transportation plans please see our post from April 8 called County Coordinators and County Information.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the Atlanta Tea Party on April 15th at 7 PM at the Georgia State Capitol.



  2. If you are riding in on the East/West Line or do mind transferring at Five Points, the Georgia State Station (E1) is literally right next to the capitol.

  3. Will there be restroom facilities available?

  4. I'm a War Veteran who has never protested in his life, but this time, I will be at the Capital to raise my voice in protest. I'm a little paranoid about the parking situation, and wonder what is the best time to arrive. I was thinking about arriving at 5 PM.

  5. I'm a War Veteran and this will be the first time I've ever protested and a little worried about the parking situation. I will have a banner with me and will be wearing 'RED' as suggested by the ... TEA PARTY ORGANIZERS. I'm thinking about being in the city at 5 PM, so that, I'll have time to do what has to be done. Is it safe to leave your vehicle unattended at the Marta Stations, if not, where are the parking decks by .. Underground Atlanta. I'll need a friend because the guy who was going with me ... is in the hospital. GOD BLESS AMERICA ... TIME FOR REAL CHANGE.

  6. I am so excited and it is time for Washington to wake up and LISTEN because we are fed up and not going to take it anymore.

  7. Me and many of the Fairtax supporters will be at this rally. As has been said it does no good to stomp our feet like spoiled chrildre without an alternative. The FairTax is the alternative.
    The FairTax could be the single largest return of POWER to it's citizens.

    The FairTax DOES NOT add 23% to everything you buy. Producers of products ADD 23% to the price of the goods they produce. When they no longer have to do that the prices will adjust down and the FairTax will make it a wash.

    The Senate, Congress and especially the lobbists in D.C. will NO LONGER be able to manipulate the current Tax code to favor their cronies. ANYONE spending money on NEW products will pay the FairTax. EVERYONE from illegal immagrant to Drug dealer. Used car no tax, used house no tax etc.

    As an example of how much more money we would have. If the Fairtax were enacted I would be making an extra $4000.00 per year, because I would get my entire check. LOOK at you pay stubs people and see how much more you would be taking home. Think of what you could do with it. Save, pay bills?

    Read the book. "The FairTax" by Neal Boortz and John Linder. It is not only informative but a good read. I found myself standing and cheering for the plan.

    The people in D.C. won't pass this bill, because it will strip them of their POWER. That is unless we force them to pass it through the groundroots movement. Go to Sign the petitions join a group.

    Our Country's future depends on all of you.

  8. I have heard that groups like ACORN may show up carrying derogatory and inflammatory signs to discredit the movement and stir things up.

    If you see these signs, don't get hostile or confrontational - just step in front of them and block them from the camera view with your own signs.

    We will not let them hijack the tea parties like their leaders are trying to hijack the country.

  9. We are 70 years old, and have been supporters of the Fair Tax for years and years--since its infancy. We will be there. Even though there are Tea Parties closer to our home town in Greene County, we feel a big show in Atlanta is very important because of all the media coverage.
    God Bless America and God bless our troops that defend our freedom---let's get it back!

  10. Beck4Me - There are several MARTA stations further out that you can park in for free. Your car will be fine there. The fare is $1.75 each way. You can get a card in a machine located at the stations for however many rides you want.

    It will be easier than trying to find a parking garage downtown and they will be charging a lot! Plus, the streets will be blocked, traffic will be bad, and it will be hard to drive and look for a parking garage.

    Get off at the Georgia State Station as someone above suggested. It's not far at all. People can direct you or hopefully, just follow the crowds.

    I plan on doing what I've suggested you do. Get off at Georgia State station. 6:00pm should be plenty of time. Otherwise, you'll just be downtown hanging out, waiting.

    Good luck and see you there!

  11. I am looking forward to being apart of helping our southeastern tea party. God bless America. We need to make a difference.

  12. I am from Virginia but am in town tomorrow. Is there a group meeting at the Marta near Dekalb Farmer's Market?

  13. I am excited to join many others to protest what is going on in Washington! We need to do this more often until Washington gets it- we are not going to tolerate the spending, taxes and bail outs any more... everyone- keep speaking out- and make our views the popular one- then the media may join in (doubt it though)

  14. I am going to try very hard to be there, but if I can't make it, I will be there in spirit and watching on FoxNews.

  15. I'm coming down to the event tonight!!!!
    the main question I would like to ask President Obama is: How many lumps of sugar would he like in his TEA?????

  16. I'll be wearing my OBAMA '08 protest to the GOP who have hijacked this protest.

    My protest is also that we've been reduced to imbeciles by FOX News fools like Beck and Hannity.

    PLEASE FOLKS, demand smarter representation!

  17. I am a 65 year old Grandmother and I have been very upset about the way the country is being hijacked by the powers that be that do not read,understand or uphold the Constitution. I WILL BE THERE!

  18. This patriotic Grandmother will be there to protest the powers that be not reading, understanding or upholding the Constitution of the United States.

  19. About the Fair Tax, do not get to keep "All" of your "Current" paycheck.

    The producers of goods (our employer) add the "Embedded Taxes" (part of our salaries which pay our income taxes) into the goods they sell.

    When the producers eliminate their Embedded Taxses, they are actually REDUCING our salary by the same amount we WOULD have paid in Income tax.

    What'd you think it was? Free Money? No, you don't get to keep that extra $4,000...just like I don't get to keep that extra $15,000.

    Our salaries are adjusted, that's where the embedded taxes are eliminated, and then the products get 23% cheaper, and then the Fair Tax makes it a wash.

    Our "Take Home Pay" will NOT CHANGE.

    That said, it's probably better than the current system we have now.

  20. Stop Global Whining!