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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Atlanta Tea Party Details

The Atlanta Tea Party is happening this Wednesday, Tax Day April 15th from 7:00 pm - 10:10 pm in front of the steps at the Georgia State Capitol. Rain or shine! Click to RSVP using this form.

Additionally, over 500 other Tea Parties are planned across the country. At each of these Tea Parties, Americans will protest their irritation at out of control spending in Washington, high deficits, special interest pork projects, stimulus and bailout bills, and increased taxes. We the People expect and demand fiscal accountability with our tax dollars by those who represent us in Washington.

Bring Hand Made Protest Signs. Wondering what to put on the signs? Click here to find out.

Wear RED!!! This will stand out for photos and media and it symbolizes that Congress is running our country into the red with high deficits.

We still need donations. Since Sean Hannity has announced and promoted the Atlanta Tea Party so much, our needs have grown. We need money to have a stage built, audio-visual equipment, supplies and many other items. We plan to have big screen TV's so everyone will have good view of the event no matter where they are standing. Sean Hannity will be broadcasting his show live. America will be watching the Atlanta Tea Party and we want to have a big impact. We have many speakers lined up, including Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, John Rich, of the country act " Big and Rich", and many others. "Joe The Plumber" might even stop by. Our focus is on the grassroots movement so we don't have big name sponsors. We depend on you, the grassroots. Our estimated costs just for the stage and audio-visual equipment is $ 25,000 and so far we have raised less than $15,000. Click here to donate now.

What is the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party and what is happening at it? I have not protested before, what should I expect? Click here to read what to expect at the protest, whether there will be porta potties, if you should bring your own water, and other logistical details.

Want to carpool or ride a bus with other people from your county? Don't want to drive all the way into Atlanta? Want to meet other people who care about the fiscal direction this country is headed as passionately as you do? Click here to read about local county coordinators and events.

Attending the event with your own small group and wondering about the best place to park or where to get off Marta? Click here to find out.

Sean Hannity will broadcast live from the Atlanta Tea Party. Click here to read details.

I want to help out with this important and historic effort. What can I do to help? Click here to read about the various ways you can help right now today.

Arriving from out of town? Welcome to Atlanta! We are glad you are joining us at the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party!! Click here to read about a hotel deal.

Wondering about what else is happening across the country? Want to read more about the Nationwide Tea Parties or watch at Tea Party PJTV Show? Click here to learn how.

Have a great day!


  1. Whose bright idea was it to wear red? That's the color of the Marxists and socialists we're protesting against.

    I will not be wearing red.

  2. i will not be wearing red either!!!

  3. Downtown Atlanta AFTER dark???? Are you kidding??????

  4. Agree, wearing red is a terrible idea. Communist/Marxist associations are obvious, and the media has also been reporting on violence by "Red Shirts" in Thailand for the last few days.

  5. Nice use of my taxpayer dollars, holding this at the state capitol...

    Have you people been asleep the last 8 years?

  6. This is exactly the rightwing extremist activity that the Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement officials about. If the states would sit back and allow Obama to implement his plan, everyone will be all the better in the long run. We need Nationalization to be more like the European Countries. It is time to let go of Bush oppression and move forward and embrace change. Obama is the answer we just have to be willing to listen.

  7. Its about time we stand up for ourselves.

  8. WOW!! I am watching the Atlanta party from home & I wish I could be there...but, I went to the Tea Party in Henry County to support my local community efforts. I am glued to the TV, though, feeling very proud....

  9. Great job everyone what a terrific turnout. I am concerned that republican politicians will try to grab onto the coattails of this effort and it is not about party affiliation It should be bi partison. We have two senators that voted for TARP and wanted amnesty and they should be held accountable for their actions. They had eight years to speak up about spending but they both did nothing.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  10. Does anyone else see the irony here? you are talking about fiscal responsibility and you can't even run a fiscally responsible gathering.

    "Our estimated costs just for the stage and audio-visual equipment is $ 25,000 and so far we have raised less than $15,000. Click here to donate now. "

    i guess it is all about how things look on the outside and not what really matters. you know, stuff like the irresponsible actions of the past administrations. horrible spending practices, war against peoples for our own gain and nothing else, and ideologies that lead to other wars, and idiocy.

    Its great wen people talk themselves up... anonymously.