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Atlanta Tea Party is your number one source when it comes to all tea party stuffs. Whether it be about how to set the table, the tea service, what food to serve, we got it all covered. We even a gallery wherein you can check out different ways of setting your table, variety of tea you can serve to your guests, and many more.

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Things To Consider When Having A Tea Party

Posted on December 16, 2017
Category: Tea Party

Have you ever thought of the idea of having a tea party with your friends? For sure, the word “etiquette” will come to mind. But guess what? This is not the case especially when you want to have fun with your friends and enjoy their company. All you need to do is to have few ideas with regards setting up and hosting a tea party for everyone to enjoy. So, are you ready?

Let’s get started on what you need to consider when you want to have your very own tea party.

First is the table setting. You need to be keen on this one. What would be the set-up of the table? What you should remember is this, it is as if you are setting up your dining table for a special occasion. The main difference here is that how the table is being set-up, where the food is placed, and so on. With an afternoon tea party, it is a must that the food is going to be served at the center of the table. Lay out the plates, the cutlery on the table. Of course, it all depends on what you are going to serve to your guests in terms of the food or meals.

Second, next is to arrange the saucer and teacups. Since you are going to have a tea party, be sure you properly place them on the table. The setting should be done accordingly. It is also advisable to have a waste bowl for each of the guests. This is a tiny piece of tableware which is going to be placed either above the fork or napkin. One of the most important components of a tea party is this waste bowl be sure you have one of them for each of your guest.

Third, arrange your food. Yes, you do need to properly arrange the food you are going to serve to your guests. You can put them in the center of the table or have another table for this. If space is an issue, you can come up with a buffet style when serving the food. Of course, this would depend on your judgment as to which will fit right to your guests and for the event.

Fourth, the main attraction, the tea service. Since you are having a tea party, this should be properly placed. What you can do is to have this one set up right at the end of the table, just choose which one. Be sure to brew tea in varieties for your guests. One variety will have its own teapot. It is highly advisable to remove the tea leaves or have a strainer. This is so so that the leaves are not going to end up right into their cups. Have tea additions such as milk (place in small pitcher, creamer, sugar cubes place in a sugar bowl, hot water placed inside a pitcher, and slices of lemon on top of a tray.

Fifth, it would be a good addition to have sweet foods placed right in the middle of the table. You can have tea sandwiches, savory snacks, and cake. The choice is all up to you which you deem good for your guests that they will surely love. Also, do have cold drinks as well. This can place at the side of the table. This is perfect for those who want to drink cold drinks. You can have iced tea or lemonade for this.

There you have it few things to consider when having a tea party at home.

Tea Party With Your Friends

Do you know one way you can have fun with your friends and be able to spend quality time is through a tea party? Yes, you read it right! Imagine, inviting your friends over, eat yummy food, and drinking a cup of tea. Then, start having a decent conversation, smiling, having fun, and reminiscing the past, and looking forward to the next tea party.

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